Cloud Services - Reliable, Scalable and Secure

Reducing the budget of managing an on-premise ERP is a challenge many businesses face. The cost of maintaining infrastructure and hardware require constant managing. Staff turnovers only complicate the process. And of course, hoping that security is also being watched only adds to the frustration that business owners experience on a daily basis.

At netCentrix, we provide the highest levels of hosting and ERP management. Our Tier IV datacenters, combined with AWS, Azure and Google cloud services provide more performance, fault tolerance and scalability than the average on-premise datacenter. Our IaaS model offers an extremely affordable "utility" model - pay for only the infrastructure that you need. And our Disaster Recovery model adds another layer of protection for your critical ERP environments.

Combined with our seasoned staff, you can have peace of mind that a major part of your business is in good hands.

netCentrix Cloud Services includes: